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The Annual Raise Process (‘ARP’) instructions received this year provided a merit pool of $1k per EHRA Faculty or EHRA Non-Faculty permanent or part-time faculty (prorated).  Campus instructions indicated we could not apply the legislative increase of $1k to everyone across the board, but needed to allocate it based primarily on meritorious performance.  The School of Dentistry could provide a small pool of additional funds from our existing state budget allocation.


Eligibility included ERHA full time and part-time employees in active status on January 1, 2017 also employed in the month it is distributed (Sept).  Personnel that are classified as Temporary EHRA, such as adjuncts, are not eligible.  Those entering into phased retirements are not eligible but those who had a phased retirement status in the last year are eligible.


We have submitted our recommendations to the Campus and await approval.  By mid-Sept, Chairs will be notified when EHRA Faculty and EHRA Non-Faculty increases can be communicated.  Dental Faculty Practice Z supplements are also adjusted at this time based upon Chair/ DFP recommendations.   The salary changes are expected to be reflected in the September monthly payroll.


For more information about the legislative increase process and the special bonus leave please see the Office of Human Resources website:

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