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The Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology of the Department of Diagnostic Sciences will be expanding and decentralizing radiography services in order to facilitate more efficient patient care for the ASoD patients, faculty, staff and students.

The plan consists of:

  1. Decentralizing some of the radiographic services provided in the Dental Faculty Practice and main radiology clinic facilities. We will be offering cone beam CT, panoramic and cephalometric imaging in the DFP radiology facility for DFP patients as well as patients of the orthodontic residency program and other nearby clinics. The same services will continue to be offered on the first floor as well.
  2. With the addition of our new DFP radiography staff, we will eliminate cut off times at lunch and provide roaming NOMAD radiography services for in operatory imaging in the DFP. These procedures will be limited to bitewings and limited periapical imaging. Some of these changes will be immediate and others will take more time due to the purchasing of new equipment and meeting regulatory requirements for the movement of radiographic equipment.
  3. There will be a radiology faculty member assigned to the 4th floor DDS2 clinics to help with radiography the students with radiographic imaging.

We in radiology feel that these changes result in a more efficient and timely radiographic care for the patients of the Adams School of Dentistry. More changes for efficiency are to come in our DDS student patient radiography services as well. They will be announced later when fully formulated.

-Dr. Don Tyndall, Professor and Director of Radiology

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