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UNC Adams School of Dentistry Faculty Senate

Meeting Agenda

February 5, 2021

12:05pm – 12:55pm


Type of Meeting: Reports

Meeting Facilitator: Faculty Officers

Invitees: General Faculty and School Administration


Call to Order                                                                                                  

Roll Call
Meeting minutes approval
a)       Chair of Faculty Report Harmon 12:05pm
b)       Secretary of Faculty Report Sanders 12:08pm
c)       Immediate Past Chair Report Jackson 12:11pm
d)       Dean Report Byerley 12:15pm
e)       Budget Report Oliver 12:25pm
f)       Update on the APT Manual Wilder 12:35pm
g)      Curriculum Management Quinonez and Padilla 12:40pm
Open Call 12:50pm
Adjourn 12:55pm