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UNC Adams School of Dentistry Faculty Senate

Meeting Agenda

November 10, 2021

12 – 12:45pm

G405, KOHS

Type of Meeting: Reports

Meeting Facilitator: Faculty Officers

Invitees: General Faculty and School Administration


Call to Order                                                                                                  

Roll Call
Meeting minutes approval
a)       Chair of Faculty Report Sanders 12:02pm
b)       Secretary of Faculty Report Kornegay 12:03pm
c)       Immediate Past Chair Report Harmon 12:04pm
d)       Dean’s Report Byerley 12:05pm
Panel Discussion 12:10pm
Panelists will seek to learn how faculty want their performance evaluation structured and what faculty want to get out of the process. Panelists will answer questions from faculty.
Notice of Next Meeting
Annual Faculty Performance Evaluation: the campus perspective Butler
Adjourn 12:45pm